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Femundløpet .
Long distance dog race starting in Røros center. The race starts in Kjerkgata and by staying in our apartments you have orchestra space for the start.

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Winter's big happening! Always starts on the third Tuesday in February. We have no available apartments right now - do you want to stand on the waiting list? 

Winter Festival

Winter festival in Røros
Spring's most beautiful adventure with a collection of famous and unknown musicians. Classical music experiences. 


Easter in Røros
In our apartments in Kjerkgata you can enjoy Easter with warmth on the fireplace, cook good food in the kitchen or go out and eat, go skiing, go hiking and enjoy yourself in Røros.

Skiing equipment can be rented at local sporting goods stores



Boat trip on FEMUND
This particular boat service takes passengers into history and Femundsvika Marken, with a call on famous historical sites closely associated mining in Røros.For prices and information 

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Night open in July.
It is SUMMER in Røros and a Friday July is a very special day. All shops and eateries have a night open until midnight.12. Music and entertainment with a southern atmosphere in the streets. Here, relatives and friends meet.
Stay in one of our cozy family apartments this weekend


Amazing Elden
A memory to bring along is this fantastic outdoor music theater played in late summer every year.Elden is one of the largest Nordic war tragedies and is played on a most special outdoor scene in Røros


Berry-picking? In late July to September
Picking berries in the woods is something all kids should experience.
We tell you where you can find pick places.
When winter comes, there are good memories that tastes good - from Røros.  



Bicycle and equipment can be rented at local sporting goods stores.


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Christmas in Røros is very special.
Snow and cold. Horse and sleigh with bells.
Planning a weekend r to Røros and will stay affordable, family friendly, historical and central.


Christmas tree lights
Always on Saturday in the first advent weekend.
Especially cozy for children.Santa Claus is coming, are you coming?

julemarked 1

Christmas market in Røros
Thursday to Sunday second  weekend in December each year.A cozy pre-Chris tmas with a relaxing way and Christmas shopping in Norway's most beautiful Christmas streets. 

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Christmas and New Year weekend in Houmbgaarden
With horse, sleigh and bells in the streets and real Christmas tree in apartments Christmas service on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve In the beautiful Røros church is unforgettable.

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